Increasing Global Consumer Awareness


WE was tasked with capitalising on The Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) involvement at the 2016 Rio Olympics to create global consumer awareness and generate a buzz about responsible forestry.


The Olympics was watched by 3.5bn in 2016. We knew that by capturing the attention of a highly engaged, global, second-screen audience we would raise FSC share of voice and drive campaign engagement. We adopted a video-first content strategy, knowing that video content would increase our global reach on social, too.


But how to capture audience mindshare in a crowded event like the Olympics? Our insights show that consumer audiences respond best to sustainable issues if they can relate to them personally. Human storytelling was a must. WE decided to create a campaign that celebrated those behind the scenes – the men and women responsible for taking care of the world’s forests: the everyday heroes. From this ambition to bring together the seemingly disparate worlds of responsible forestry and global sport, #ForestChampions was born.


Multi-language video content was seeded across paid, owned and earned channels and supported with media materials detailing the millions of FSCcertified products used in the event. Each of FSC’s national offices were provided with local launch toolkits including print and digital collateral to continuously generate engagement.


  • 250k+ social media engagements
  • 450K consumers reached across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • 1.3K new followers across social media channels
  • 15 tier-one press articles, including Forbes Magazine
  • Reached a global audience of over 5 million

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