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WE London's Favorite Brand Sustainability Campaigns

— Eloïse Guibourg 

With peaceful demonstrations against climate change happening in all parts of the world, it seems more relevant than ever to celebrate the 49th World Earth Day today, on April 22nd. Started in the US in 1970, World Earth Day is now observed in almost 200 countries, making it the largest secular event in the world.

This movement has led to many companies and individuals becoming more environmentally aware. Here in the London office, we keep an eye on brands doing exciting, impactful work, as well as changes we can make in our own lives to help protect our planet.


A company’s duty to care

When it comes to blame for global warming, consumers often point fingers at big companies. However, many companies have developed a sustainable spirit to help the planet, and partnerships with NGOs have flourished. For instance, I greatly admire Ecosia, a search engine that uses ad profit to plant trees around the world. They've planted more than 54 million trees so far! The UNICEF Tap Project app. donates one day's worth of clean water to a child in need for every 15 minutes that a user went without their phone. 

Here are some other notable sustainable brand initiatives, selected and admired by members of the WE Communications London team.

Air travel is a big contributor to increasing carbon emissions, and so for Ching-Han Wan, Account Director, Honeywell’s effort to make fuel use more efficient in planes is key to fighting global warming.

The damage to oceans and warming ocean temperatures worldwide is one area many brands have focused their efforts. Bartu, Senior Acccount Executive, and Annabel, Director, were impressed by Lad Bible’s Trash Isles initiative, which won many awards last year. On World Oceans Day, the brand submitted a Declaration of Independence to the United Nations to make an area of floating plastic (the size of France) in the Pacific Ocean an official country. In the same spirit, Account Manager Alisha’s favourite advert was Greenpeace’s aquarium of the future, where all wildlife was replaced with plastic, and our newest team member and intern, Nick, was inspired by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation Seascape video.

Another recent trend is brands focusing on reducing waste — or cleaning up the waste we do produce. For Lottie, Associate Director, Costa’s initiative to recycle all coffee cups, including competitors’, is notable enough to make her buy her daily caffeine fix from the coffee chain. Finance Assistant Krizzia’s favourite initiative was UCO Gear’s #Trashtag campaign, that sees people cleaning up trash in the wild and posting about it on social media.

But companies are not the only ones capable of making a difference…


Change starts with small action

UK Operations Manager Sam’s favourite initiative was not a company initiative, but the recent climate strike by school children. Inspired by this dedication and passion about the future, WE has decided to reduce its collective impact on the planet.

Bartu, Annabel, Krizzia, and Sam will recycle more, use less plastic, and ensure to wash all their plastic and tins so they can be recycled. Lottie, who is replacing her old car this month, will opt for a hybrid model to reduce her carbon footprint. Nick will cut down meat and altogether try to reduce his food waste. Krizzia will be more conscious about what to print or not when at work and will encourage people to switch off the lights more often.

At the beginning of the month, I set up a coffee recycling scheme at the office. Every day, I collect my colleague’s used disposable coffee cups and take them back to Costa for recycling.

What about you? Join us in celebrating World Earth Day by telling us what your new commitment is!